February 22, 2016

Vietnam’s 19th film festival – Vietnam

Vietnam’s 19th film festival

Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam

Last December, at the city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s 19th Film Festival took place, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Cinematography of Vietnam.

A biannual event that nobody wanted to miss as it was a great meeting between filmmakers, the familiar faces from the world of the Vietnamese showbiz, and the audience. In addition to the awards gala, different activities such as workshops, film markets, night sessions, and gatherings between filmmakers and the audience were performed.

After a night full of stars and music performances with Amate Audio solutions from the Joker and Xcellence Series, there came the time for awarding the highest prize offered by the festival, The Golden Lotus. it went for the film “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass”, directed by Victor Vu, which is a film adaptation of the novel with the same name by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh.

The jury responsible for awarding the prizes was made up of 11 well-known members of the film world and the Vietnamese society, which had the hard job of picking the winners from a wide variety of categories such as best feature film, best documentary, best children’s film, best screenplay, best actor, best movie, best soundtrack, best actor/actress, best supporting actor/actress, etc.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Equipment list:
8+8 X208 line array systems
2+2 X218W3k subwoofers
2 X15CE multi point systems


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