November 21, 2016

Above Sky Bar – Vietnam

NOVEMBER 21, 2016

Above Sky Bar

Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam

And what better, after a long hot day on the beach, than to head out after sundown for an all-night party on the dance floor, on the top floor of Liberty Hotel in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Here Amate Audio KEY series systems ensure a quality soundtrack to a spectacular evening’s entertainment.

Venture upstairs onto the rooftop and the exclusive Above Sky Bar terrace, to take in the very best views of stunning Nha Trang bay. A place of enchantment and the best vibes, from more Amate Audio systems.

As the night flows, savour Above Sky Bar culinary culture, and the incredible cocktails, and party till the sun comes up once again; music and sound exclusively with Amate Audio;)

Systems employed:

17 KEY10 point source systems

KEY15W subwoofer

KEY18W subwoofers

15 CS6FR ceiling speakers