December 2, 2015

Restaurant Atalanta – Spain

Atalanta Restaurant

Madrid – Spain

Located in the Grassy Building, at the heart of Madrid, Atalanta restaurant offers us a wide and welcoming space where to enjoy a high-quality and innovative cuisine, and the great views of Madrid’s Gran Vía.

Atalanta’s highlights include its magnificent interiors filled with colours, with a unique furnishing and fantastic lightning coming from its large windows, giving this very special place a natural look. An acoustic ingredient has been added to complete the experience: Amate audio B Series multipoint public address systems were installed in the premises.

The space is divided in different areas where finger food and even drinks and cocktails can be enjoyed. There is also available a menu including international cuisine. Atalanta restaurant is, in short, an amazing blend of fine taste and great atmosphere.

Equipment list:
B8 multipoint speaker systems

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