March 27, 2017

Banco kitchen bar

MARCH 27, 2017

Banco kitchen bar

Nicosia – Cyprus

Banco kitchen & bar is a small oasis in the middle of Nicosia, Cyprus. A bar-restaurant with warm, natural decor, based around wood and foliage; all matched with high quality Amate Audio solutions for listening to music while having a meal, or just chilling out on the terrace and having some fun.

Open every day of the week, Banco kitchen & bar provides a pleasant experience for diners at any time of day with a great atmosphere, delicious food and great sounds. They also present small scale live concerts reinforced with KEY8 point source systems, combined with KEY15W subwoofers. To provide high end control and processing for these passive systems, Banco has installed HD2000 power amplifiers and a DSP206 loudspeaker management system.

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Cyprus A.A. MODEL POWER LTD for the information.