January 25, 2016

ICGC Calvary Temple – Ghana

ICGC Calvary Temple

Accra – Ghana

Various Joker and Xcellence Amate Audio solutions have been installed in this cosy cult centre in Ghana.

The church required great musical reliability and wide coverage, because it is a place where faith and music come together. Therefore the sound must reach all areas of the room alike, to enjoy the best of these musical performances. This was achieved by using as main PA X208 line array systems with X218W3K subwoofers, and, as reinforcement, JK12MA and JK15A point source systems. For music performances and on the stage, JK12MA and P15SMA stage monitors were used. And for signal processing, DSP608 were used.

Equipment list:
16 X208 line array systems
4 X218W subwoofers
12 JK12MA point source systems
2 JK15A point source systems
2 DSP608 signal processors
2 P15SMA point source systems