December 9, 2015

Cheoyong Cultural Festival – South Korea

Cheoyong Cultural Festival

Cheoyong – South Korea

Last October, the Ulsan World Music Festival was held in South Korea within the framework of the 49 Cheoyong Cultural Festival. An event that brings together tradition and music from all over the world.

This is one of the oldest festivals in Korea, and its main goal is to bring music and culture to Ulsan, a city with a fast multicultural growth. Through this event, the city aims at reinforcing its cultural diversity and strengthening tolerance towards different cultures.

Performances at the festival were held in different stages, many of which were outdoors, requiring great coverage, versatile and high-quality audio. All this was achieved thanks to various Amate Audio sound solutions: JK12MA Joker Series stage monitors, X15CE stage monitors, and line array systems, both Xcellence Series products.

Several bands and artists from around the world offered a repertoire including very diverse styles, perfect for enjoying some family time or with friends. There were also different types of cultural activities, additionally to music performances, with the capoeira and salsa workshops as the highlights of this edition. The Cheoyong Cultural Festival was a great opportunity to connect with other cultures.

Thanks to our friends Handa Sound from South Korea for the information.

Equipment list:
16 X210 line array systems
8 X215W subwoofers
4 JK12MA stage monitors
4 X15CE stage monitors

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