December 1, 2016

Club Aura – South Korea

December 1, 2016

Club Aura

A major fixture on the Korean capital’s clubbing circuit

One of the most recent additions to Seoul’s Hongdae clubbing scene, Club Aura, is located in the lively and trendy Hong-Ik University Street. A major fixture on the Korean capital’s clubbing circuit, it operates within two separate buildings and features the best in EDM, Hip-hop and K-pop sounds; pumped out over a massive Joker and Key series installation.

24,000 W of LF power from 12 x JK18W2 subwoofers, is matched with Joker and Key series two-way systems throughout the club, flooding every corner of the club with a uniform high quality high SPL sound. Main dancefloor systems feature JK12JK15 and KEY15 systems, while low-profile B8 cabinets provide additional ‘fills’ throughout the venue. The entire installation is powered by HD series amplifier systems, with system control from a DSP608 processor.

Club Aura’s sound system is a big attraction, name-checked in all the reviews – along with the incredible light show. Its sheer music power is an immersive dance experience to keep you on the floor all night!