May 30, 2015

Exchange Club – Bulgary


Sofia – Bulgaria

Club Exchange is a trendy nightclub located in Sofia – Bulgaria,at the heart of the university zone.

Exchange is one of the few places in town where you can enjoy the best events with DJ guests and live performances. Furthermore, it is one of the most modern venues in the city, with a welcoming and relaxed ambience, and of course a high-quality sound thanks to Amate Audio systems from Xcellence, Joker and Key series. A nightlife reference point in Sofia.

Thanks to our exclusive distributor in Bulgaria XAUDIO LTD. for the info.
Equipment list:
4x X15LTP point source systems
2x JK218W2 subwoofers
4x JK26 point source systems
4x KEY12 stage monitors
1x KEY12A dj monitor
1x SM4000 switch-mode amplifier
2x SM3000 switch-mode amplifiers
2x SM1000 switch-mode amplifiers
1x DSP206 digital signal processor

Have a look at Club Exchange Facebook page >

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