February 2, 2017

Conference Halls in Yandex – Russia

February 2, 2017

Conference halls in Yandex

Moscow – Rusia

Russian digital media company Yandex has equipped two new conference venues for 100 people with Amate Audio systems, specified, supplied and installed by our distributor in Russia, Atanor.

Yandex is a company specializing in Internet-related services and products that operates the leading internet search engine in the country, with about 60% market share. The conference halls are used for international events and public workshops, and are equipped with simultaneous translation systems.


The attention to detail in specification of these multifunctional facilities is in keeping with the corporate image of Yandex, as a dynamically developing company in the field of information technologies. The guiding principle of the audio solutions was that they should provide all required means of communication with the minimum complexity and loss of time.

everything for the most convenient communication without loss of time

The halls are equipped with Amate Audio Joker series JK10A point source active systems for front of house (FOH) reinforcement. Other Joker series loudspeakers provide directional sound effects. Amate Audio CS6FR passive ceiling speakers enable further distribution of sound evenly throughout the room. FOH and ceiling systems are used differently, depending on the specific mode of use of the room. Two floor monitors provide signal ‘foldback’ at the podium.

We thank Atanor, Amate Audio’s distributor for Russia, for all their support and information.

Systems employed:


JK10A point source systems


13 CS6FR ceiling speakers


1 B5A multimedia system set