February 8, 2016

2016 Countdown Party – Vietnam

2016 Saigon Beer Countdown Party

Da Nang – Vietnam

We do not really know what was the best way to welcome 2016, but the one organized by Saigon Beer in Da Nang could certainly be the one.

A stunning setup of Amate Audio solutions was at the core of this crazy show that included the performance of important local and international artists with an amazing 3D Mapping on stage.

As the main PA, 60 X210 line array systems were used, the flagship of the brand. For low frequencies, a combination of 28 X218W3K subwoofers, 3000 W each, was used, with one of the most recent releases of Amate Audio, 12 X21T units, distinguished by their consistent low frequencies, as well as a huge punch in the highest part of the bass. All of them from the well-known Xcellence Series.

For performances and on the main stage, X12CE monitors and X208 line array systems from the Xcellence Series were used. And JK318A 3-way full-range systems and JK18WA subwoofers were used, from the Joker Series.

Lucky those who had the opportunity to start the year enjoying this extraordinary music power and amazing show.

Equipment list:
Main PA
60 X210 line array systems
28 X218W3K subwoofers
12 X21T subwoofers

12 X12CE stage monitors
8 X208 line array systems
4 JK318 three-way systems
2 JK18WA subwoofers


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