August 17, 2016

CyclingMe – Spain


Mallorca – Spain

CyclingMe is the worship of cycling, indoor and outdoor, in the heart of Mallorca.

A dedicated environment for cycling enthusiasts in the very center of the island, CyclingMe is the concept of Kim Forteza, a mountain biking pioneer, passionate about training and practice, who, together with his brother Jaume Forteza, and partners Jose Antonio Hermida and Joan Llaneras, built this space.

Music and sound are an important element in providing additional motivation during an intense workout. An installation comprising several Joker solutions and HD amplifiers provide acoustic fidelity and powerful sound, to help achieve the best possible session.

CyclingMe is more than just a training facility for cyclists, it is also a community space for those who want to relax with a coffee and watch the World Mountain Bike or “La Vuelta”; a place to share the experience of and passion for cycling.

Equipment list:
Sistemas de fuente puntual JK15
Subwoofers JK18W2
Procesadores de señal DSP206
Amplificadores HD2000

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