June 12, 2015

Destress Festival 2015 – Netherlands

Destress Festival 2015

Drimmelen – Netherlands

Once again Amate Audio systems were at the second edition of Destress Festival – The world beyond which was held in Drimmelen, in the south of The Netherlands.

After the successful first edition, thousands of people returned and came to dance and have fun at this 10 hours non-stop festival where the big sound of Line Array Systems from Xcellence Series narrowed the main stage.

Destress festival 2105 repeated the Main PA configuration which demanded power and richness at low frequencies. This requirement was reached thanks to 16 x X218W subwoofers which achieved a total power of 38,400 W and 12 x line array systems + 4 x X215W subwoofers per side, with a total of 36,000 W for high and mid frequencies + 19,200 W more for the low ones.
4 + 4 X208 line array systems with two P18SWA subwoofers were used as DJ monitors.

This 2015 edition had great performances of 14 artist: Radical Redemption, Mark With a K, Korsakoff, Digital Punk, Crypsis, The Pitcher, Dr Rude, Panic,Dr Phunk, Genius,Francois, Ransom, Nowaxx, MC Da Syndrome

Thanks to our friends HMF sound and light for the information and the event’s coverage.

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Equipment list:
Main PA
12+12 X210 line array systems
4+4 X215W subwoofers
16x X218W subwoofers

DJ cabin
4+4 X208 line array systems
1+1 P18SWA Subwoofers

4+4 MA206A line array systems

Stage monitors
4x JK12MA point source systems

Have a look at the full gallery:
part 1, part 2, part 3.

Watch the official after movie here >

Photo credits:
Joep van Aert fotografeert
Maric Media
Stephan Versluis Photography

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