June 28, 2016

Xcellence now compatible with EASE Focus 3

Xcellence now compatible with EASE Focus 3

Optimized acoustic prediction of Xcellence line array, subwoofers and point source solutions

Amate Audio offers libraries and full Xcellence solutions compatibility with the latest version of the well-known acoustical simulation software EASE® Focus developed by AFMG.


EASE® Focus 3 libraries allow you to predict the performance of a specific Xcellence system in any outdoors space, prior to installation. This powerful software calculates 3D coverage maps, delay time between sources, frequency response in any in any point of the listening area, rigging points, array angulations, etc.

Plan correctly and you will succeed!

Main features

Thanks to the new algorithm “Complex Sum” it is possible to simulate cancelations between sources, specially at low frequencies.
Image 1: 8 X218W3K spaced 4 meters, frequency response at 63 Hz.

It allows the simulation of point source loudspeakers.
Image 2, 3 & 4: 1 X14T, frequency response at 1000 Hz

It features the new subwoofer array implementation where you can select the number of subwoofers, distance between them and desired coverage angle. This way EASE® Focus 3 can calculate the delay for each subwoofer in order to get a virtual arc.
Image 5 & 6: 8 X218W3K 1 meter between sources, frequency response at 63 Hz.

At plan view it is possible to see real sound source geometry. Image 7

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About EASE® Focus 3

EASE® Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling of line arrays, sub arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers. EASE® Focus 3 is free software for the end user. Based on AFMG’s leading simulation software EASE, this concept made it possible to implement a broad scope of features and functionality.
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Download GLL libraries

FREE EASE FOCUS 3 v.3.0.15 + Amate Audio pack

X14T | GLL library | product information
X15T | GLL library | product information
X18T | GLL library | product information
X215W | GLL library | product information
X218W3K | GLL library | product information
X21T | GLL library | product information
X208 | GLL library | product information
X210 | GLL library | product information
X12CLA | GLL library: Array | Point source | product information


Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-8-x218w3k Image 1

Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-point-source Image 2

Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-point-source-2 Image 3

Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-x14tImage 4

Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-subs-array Image 5

Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-subs-array-1Image 6

Ease-focus-3-Amate-Audio-top-view Image 7