September 21, 2015

Education Quality Monitoring Centre – Russia

Education Quality Monitoring Centre

Kazan – Russia

Located in the city of Kazan, the new Education Quality Monitoring Center is considered a pioneer in the development of education across Russia.

Some well-known personalities were invited to the center’s inauguration: Yuri Vyazemskiy, head of Literature and Culture at Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, Education Engel, the Minister of Science and Fattakhov and the popular athlete Sergei Ponomarenko.

The different facilities at the center are used for data processing, unified state exams and training courses for teachers. All the venues like meeting rooms, halls and the auditorium have great acoustic coverage thanks to a wide range of Amate Audio sound solutions.

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Russia Atanor for the information.

Equipment list:
Conference hall
2x JK26A point source systems
2x CS6FR ceiling speakers
1x SM1000 amplfier
4x B6 multipoint speaker systems

2x JK15A point source systems

Assembly hall
2x JK15A point source systems
2x JK15WA subwoofers
2x JK12A point source systems

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