February 15, 2017

El Refugio Club – Spain

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

El Refugio Club

Cantabria – Spain

Located in Cantabria, El Refugio is undoubtedly one of the favourite places to spend the fun nights in northern Spain.

A disco that is full of light, in a delicate and futuristic space, and a design aesthetic that fuses ruralism and minimalism. There is an emphasis on the contrast between rustic stone and the clean geometric interior fittings, and predominantly white colour scheme, with which the sound installation had to be visually in-keeping. White edition Joker solutions were selected to complement the decor and deliver impeccable sound.

The primary speaker configuration comprises JK15A point source active systems and JK18WA1 subs for seriously deep bass frequencies. This also functions as a powerful FOH reinforcement system for the live performance stage. Elsewhere, multiple JK26A + point source active systems extend the same high quality sound throughout the venue.

Thanks to Vetson for the information regarding this installation.

Equipo utilizado:

JK26A-plus-perspective-amate-audio-loudspeaker-14 point source systems JK26A+

JK15NA-perspective-amate-audio-12 point source systems JK15A

jk18wa1-amate-audio-subwoofer-perspective2 subwoofers JK18WA1