February 27, 2014

Xcellence with Jackson Wan Kwon @ Foshan Stadium

Xcellence with Jackson Wan Kwon @ Foshan Stadium

Foshan – China

February 27, 2014

Concert of Jackson Wan Kwon at Foshan Stadium with Xcellence systems made by the official distributor of Master Audio in China, Majestic Trading Co.
The concert had an assistance of 3000 people, covered with 16 units of X210 line array systems, 4 units of X215W subwoofers, 4 units of X218W subwoofers,and finally used as frontfill 4 units of X15CE point source series.
The Master Audio equipment performed with crystal clear sound and reached all the assistants with an amazing SPL and sound quality.

Equipment list:
8+8 X210 Line Array Systems
2+2 X215W Subwoofers
4 x X218W Subwoofers
4 x X15CE Systems

Foshan Stadium-9Foshan Stadium-1Foshan Stadium-4 Foshan Stadium-5
Foshan Stadium-2Foshan Stadium-6 master-audio-fosham-stadium-3 Foshan Stadium-8