March 16, 2017

Gala MATE Mario Testino – Peru

MARCH 16, 2017

Benefit Gala at MATE Museum – Mario Testino

Lima – Peru

Several Amate Audio systems were employed during the famous MATE Mario Testino Museum annual gala, that honors the Peruvian culture and the museum’s commitment to that culture.

Mario Testino is among the most internationally renowned celebrity photographers. His guests and friends came from all corners of the world to accompany him in this special event. The museum that bears his name, located in the ​​Barranco district of Lima, hosts the annual charity event to raise funds for various educational and cultural programs.

The gala-party attacts more  than 800 guests, among them well-known artists like Demi Moore, Hamish Bowles or Lily Aldridge, but the high point of the event was the surprise on-stage guest performance on stage by Tini Tempah. Xcellence series line array solutions were used for front-of-house sound. On each side, a combination of 6 X210 line array systems matched with the two powerful X218W3K subwoofers. For stage monitoring there were JK12MAs from the Joker series and Xcellence X15T point source systems as side fills.

A charity night full of stars, fun, commitment and support for the initiatives of Mario Testino through the MATE Museum.

Our thanks to our distributor in Peru, Multivisión S.A. for information and support and the Peruvian magazine Cosas Perú for the images.