January 26, 2017

Imagination AV & Amate Audio at ISE 2017

January 30, 2017

Imagination AV & Amate Audio at ISE 2017

Amate Audio distributor for Benelux, Imagination AV, shows advanced loudspeaker systems exclusively on its booth at ISE

Amate Audio’s newly appointed distributor for the Benelux region (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), Imagination AV, is exhibiting the Barcelona based sound company’s range of advanced engineered sound reinforcement systems at ISE, in Hall 7, booth #D165.

Imagination AV was appointed last year as exclusive Benelux distributor for Amate Audio’s range of ‘smart’ loudspeaker systems, digital signal processors and amplification products. It is exhibiting the company’s products exclusively on it booth at ISE.

The product range on the booth highlights Amate Audio’s engineering led approach to design and development, with the synergistic integration of advanced electro-acoustic, DSP, amplification and control technologies, delivering a clear performance advantage.

The company’s 44 year history is marked by a series of innovations and industry firsts, including the earliest implementation of signal processing in power amplifiers and active speaker systems, and integrated computer control and monitoring of a line-array system – some ten years ago. More recently, Amate Audio was the first manufacturer to implement remote speaker system control via an iPad app.

44 year history is marked by a series of innovations and industry firsts

With R&D accounting for 20 per cent of the workforce, the company’s facilities include one of the most modern anechoic chambers in Europe, in terms of its size and its automation and control systems (one of two on site). “Our team of passionate, young engineers and researchers painstakingly works towards perfecting our sound systems; integrating the latest processing technologies and acoustic components, in designs that provide innovative solutions and exceed performance expectations,” states Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Joan Amate.

Amate Audio’s portfolio leading Xcellence series of premium point-source and compact line array systems – offering uncompromising performance and design optimization – and the Joker series of compact and versatile, self powered systems – for high performance rental and fixed installation applications – are both represented on the Imagination AV booth.


The top of the line Xcellence X210 2 x 10” compact line array – matched with the advanced, powerful and maneuverable X218W3K sub – and the company’s latest X12CLA ultra-compact, portable constant curvature array (deployable in both array or horizontal point-source cluster configuration) – offering exceptional signal quality, constant vertical directivity and very high SPLs, in an exceptionally small form factor cabinet – are major attractions. Both systems feature state-of-the-art on-board, matched DSP and class-D amplification, as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi remote control via Amate Audio’s Windows® or iPad® based DSP Studio® 2 software.

offering uncompromising performance and design optimization

Also from the Xcellence series, is the remarkable X14T coaxial active speaker system, featuring a new 14” mid driver that combines the LF performance of a conventional 15” driver with the vocal clarity and mid range response of a 12” driver. Deployable in both FOH and stage monitor applications, the X14T is capable of 128 dB continuous signal output. On the booth, the X14T is partnered with the latest X18T 2500 W, 18” compact sub. The design features a series of performance innovations, including a new 18” neodymium driver with 4” voice coil, and a laminar ported cabinet. Matched class-D amplification and DSP control and protection, along with Ethernet and Wi-Fi remote control, are standard throughout.


A range of Joker series high performance installation solutions are featured on the booth.

The JK46A is a high-performance, light-weight 4×6” active, full-range column array, with signal quality and a frequency response exceeding that of a classic 12” + HF driver system; especially in LF performance. The very latest high performance class-D amplification provides 125dB program level SPL Integral DSP control and protection – accessed from the rear mounted control panel with LCD screen – makes system set up simple, with up to 40m delay-line management and rapid selection of pre-set corrective EQs, and performs sophisticated speaker management with a series of unique compression algorithms.

The JK26A+ is a 2-way 6” active speaker system with remarkable sound quality from an ultra compact design. The JK26A+ shares many high performance components and electronic features with the JK46A, including advanced 6” carbon fibre cone drivers, and integral class-D amplification and DSP control and protection.

The JK15NA is an exceptionally powerful 2-way single 15” active speaker system. Again, the meticulously matched advanced electro-acoustic components, amplification and signal processing technologies, and cabinet design combine to provide premium performance in a speaker system of this type.


Jason Lupgens, Founder and General Manager of Imagination AV says, “In taking on distribution of Amate Audio we view it as a unique opportunity to provide professionals with the best possible sound that they possibly require, in combination with all of the best service, support and operational experience from our side.”

we are bringing that passion for Amate Audio to both sales and rental.

“Having started out as a rental company we know only too well that great sound is the most important contributing factor to the success of an event. We began using a lot of Amate Audio systems in pursuit of that sound quality and found people to be really enthusiastic about the product. So now we are bringing that passion for Amate Audio to both sales and rental.”

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