March 4, 2016

Talent show Insuperables

MARCH 4, 2016

Talent Show Insuperables

Amate Audio collaborates with Gestmusic in the talent show Insuperables

Last July 6th the talent show Insuperables was released. It is co-produced by Gestmusic and the Spanish public television network TVE. Several Amate Audio sound systems from Joker and Xcellence were used to sonorize the whole set as well as stage monitors for live performances.

The show is presented by Carolina Cerezuela, and the jury is made up of three well-known Spanish personalities: the singer Pitingo, the actress Ana Milán and the multifaceted Santiago Segura.

This new talent show is looking for the most talented Spanish artists. No matter the discipline – whether on the dance floor, with stunts performed within just a few meters of space, thrilling magic shows, or pets who will leave you astonished by their tricks. Only one can be unbeatable (insuperable). The show has it all, and incorporates new elements for a fast pace, and is known for being spectacular, exciting and suspenseful. In each episode, the artists take the stage hoping for a spot in the final round and fight for the grand prize of 30,000 euros.

“The sound at the program has been a real challenge; quality and accuracy have been constant requirements during soundcheck, recordings and musical performances, as you can imagine! In this type of show, outstanding sound is a must” says Juan Pozo, the tv-show’s sound manager.

The sound coverage at the venue was successfully achieved with several X15LTE systems, which stand out for their long throw and quality. Several X12CE and JK15A point source systems were also used as reinforcement to the audience.

JK10MA coaxial stage monitors were chosen for live performances. These monitors stand out for their compact format and vocal quality.

Guiu Llusà, one of the tv-show’s sound engineers, praised: “The sound of Amate Audio products stay faithful to the equalization, no matter at which level the cabinet is playing. The highs are clear, non-aggressive and the lows very well defined; the relationship at any volume is perfect! On the filming set the sound equipment must be reliable, robust and compact, without compromising the power and quality. Amate Audio products fit our needs perfectly.”

The feedback from Gestmusic has been great and we would like to thank all their staff for their trust. Furthermore, we would like the share the impressions of Pere Prat, Gestmusic‘s technical director: “The relationship between Gestmusic and Amate Audio during project preparation has been impeccable and reciprocal. They always have been open to give us all their knowledge and help, and the other way round. Without doubt, we have learned much from this experience. This is the beginning of what we expect a close and long relationship for both companies.”

The tv program is recorded at Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya facilites, located in Terrassa, which is an audiovisual venue well-known for the countless audiovisual works recorded there, including film, tv and advertising.

Gestmusic is one of the most powerful and independent producers in Spain. Many very famous Spanish shows are among its long and extensive list of tv projects for different tv and media channels in Spain.

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Systems employed:

X15LTE point source systems

 X12CE point source systems (X14T new version)

JK15A loudspeaker perspective amate audioJK15A  point source systems

JK10MA stage monitors