February 10, 2015

Introducing KEY10 & KEY15W

Introducing KEY10 & KEY15W

Two new options for tight budgets

February 10, 2015 – BARCELONA —

Now the KEY family has two new systems: KEY10 & KEY15W, opening more setup possibilities to fulfil and fit better your installation requirements for tight budgets.

We keep our goal to offer new possibilities and specially help you to make a statement:
never more your budget will compromise your sound quality!
KEY. Unlock the beat!


10″ two-way versatile speaker system

KEY10 has a really good sound and reliability.
A versatile and multipurpose system with carefully selected customized transducers. The best option for tight budgets.

Versatile System: Main PA & Stage Monitor
The KEY10 trapezoidal-wedge shape design allows a versatile use, both as a PA system or as an onstage monitor.

Accessories for easy installations
Several accessories allow easy flying. A 35 mm socket for mounting the loudspeaker on a speaker stand is provided in the bottom side of the cabinet.

Learn more about KEY10 >
Download KEY10 data sheet >


15″ direct radiating subwoofer – 600 W

The KEY15W subwoofer is the ideal complement for enhancing bass response at medium-size venues.
The KEY15W opens the door to a convincing and accurate low end.

Compact, light and user-friendly
As part of the KEY family, KEY15W fits perfect with KEY8, KEY10 & KEY12 in passive-parallel and/or bi-amplified use.

Learn more about KEY15W >
Download KEY15W data sheet >

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