July 6, 2016

Introducing TPD

JULY 6 2016

Introducing TPD: 2.1 amplifier with DSP

The latest result of Amate Audio’s innovate commitment is out

The original TP concept (which stands for TriPhonic), a 3-channel processing amplifier was first released back in 1986.

The TPD goes one step further (with D standing for Digital) an adds to this all-in-one concept Digital Signal Processing, Class D amplification and Switched-Mode Power Supply, making the system more efficient, accurate,reliable and straightforward to use.

TPD: the all-in-one

Its unique 3-in-1 topology allows making subwoofer plus stereo satellite installations for small and medium-sized clubs very easy to set up and use, giving exceptional results only comparable with much more complex and expensive systems.

3 devices in one:

Stereo amplifier for L&R (satellites) +
1 mono amplifier for subwoofers +
1 DSP with 6 processing channels (3 internal, 3 auxiliary)



Digital signal processing: accurate filters, parametric eq, limiters and delay to time-align the different channels

Universal switched-mode power supply with Active Power Factor Correction: will make the amplifier work in every mains condition between 85 and 240 V AC.

3rd generation Class D amplifier for more efficiency and absence of thermal challenges.

EcoMode: the amplifier just works when it needs to – the amplifier goes into standby in absence of audio signal and will power on automatically as soon as there is sound to reproduce.
USB connection to control from a PC with the intuitive DSPLink software. Possibility of password-lock.
Possibility of extending your installation thanks to 3 fully configurable auxiliary outputs (independent DSP channels) to feed other amplifiers.

Built-in Presets for most useful standard configuration with Amate Audio speaker systems.


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