March 17, 2016

Introducing X12CLA cluster array

March 17, 2016

Introducing X12CLA: Amate Audio’s all-new compact curvature array cabinet is a game-changer

New Xcellence X12CLA offers major improvements in performance and power to size, configuration, versatility, portability, ease of deployment and installation

Amate Audio challenges the market-leaders in compact line-arrays with a radical new compact curvature array cabinet. The Xcellence X12CLA is an ultra-compact, self-powered, DSP controllable constant directivity array cabinet, offering astounding levels of performance; and one that can also be deployed as a horizontal point source cluster element.



Amate Audio’s first constant curvature array design, the Xcellence X12CLA was specified to fulfil a requirement for a smaller, lighter and more affordable array cabinet, below the twin 8” X208 line-array in the Xcellence series portfolio. A new waveguide was designed to achieve the required 15˚ constant vertical directivity, partnering a single 12” LF driver. It soon became apparent during the development programme, that the performance of the new waveguide far exceeded the initial design expectations.

Xcellence X12CLA array configuration

Xcellence X12CLA horizontal cluster


Not only did we achieve the intended signal quality with the desired vertical directivity, the design far exceeded the SPL levels we had anticipated. This enabled us to match the waveguide with a far more powerful LF driver and to increase the amplifier power rating by over 50 per cent.

Joan Amate, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer.

The resultant performance and power to form and weight ratios make the Xcellence X12CLA among the world’s most powerful, high quality compact array cabinets; and among the most competitively priced of any comparable system.

Custom designed isophasic waveguide

X12CLD-coveragre-amate-audioIn array configuration the Xcellence X12CLA enables 15˚, 30˚,45˚ or 60˚ vertical directivity, with one two, three or four cabinets respectively.


Cutting-edge, on-board digital electronics include high performance 24-bit /96kHz AD/DA converters and powerful remote controllable 48–bit/96 kHz DSP, optimally matched with third-generation 1.5kW Class D bi-amplification. Amate’s Windows® or iPad® based DSP Studio® 2 software provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi control of gain, precise crossover filters, limiters, polarity, delay, parametric EQ and other parameters. The software provides comprehensive information about the amplifier status, including input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indications.

DSP Studio® control software has been updated improving its performance and including full compatibility with the constant curvature array X12CLA.

The company’s innovative overvoltage protection circuit continuously monitors line voltage, instantly disconnecting the system when line voltage exceeds maximum permitted levels; the system automatically restarts when voltage returns to normal.


Cabinet construction is of multilayer baltic birch plywood with high resistant black Polyurea®coating with a 1.5 mm steel and grey micro-foam cloth grille.