October 20, 2016

Jarasum Jazz Festival – South Corea

December 20 2016

13º Jarasum Jazz Fest

Jarasum Island – South Korea

Once again mountains, rivers and valleys were the backdrop to the 13th Jarasum Jazz Festival, held in the beautiful island of Gapyeong in South Korea. Audio Amate could not miss it.

Year after year the Jarasum Festival has been consolidating its position as a key event on the international jazz festival circuit. The 2016 edition featured the universally renowned Caetano Veloso as main heading act, accompanied by many other well-known international artists.

There is be more than one reason for which Jarasum has been proclaimed as among the most important musical and cultural events on the peninsula. This three-day festival is not only special for the large influx of visitors and the multitude of artists and groups performing on its 10 stages. It is Jarasum’s vitality and sense of musical brotherhood set within such a captivating landscape, which year after year attracts more than 30,000 people to come to enjoy, share and repeat this stimulating musical and cultural experience.

Several Amate Audio solutions accompanied the artists on all of the major stages. Highlights included the impressive setup on the Party Stage with 12 + 12 X210 and 4 + 4 X208 line array systems, accompanied in the low-frequencies by X218W3K, X215W and X21T subwoofers. X14T stage monitors and X15LTE point source systems completed the mix for the performance of jazz and world rhythms on this stage.

The Welcome and Gaoyeong Village stages highlighted performances by new and local talent. These stages were reinforced by Joker series systems, which included the well-known JK318A three-way full-range system, JK12A, JK15A and the recently updated JK26A+ point source systems; and also applications for the famous JK46A column array.

Three days of fun, culture, cuisine and enthralling music. The ideal place to put aside everyday life, relax on the grass slopes under the stars and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Jazz and Amate Audio; an enthralling combination. See you next year!

Many thanks to Sid Sound and to our exclusive distributor in South Korea DAELIM MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS for the event coverage and development.

Systems employed:

12+12 X210 line-array systems

4+4 X208 line array systems

X218W3K subwoofers

X215W subwoofers

X21T perspectiveX21T subwoofers

X14T stage monitor

X15T point source systems

JK318 three-way systems

JK26A+ point source system

JK46A column array systems

JK15A loudspeaker perspective amate audioJK15A point source systems

JK12A loudspeaker perspective amate audioJK12A point source system