May 10, 2016

Joker series update

Joker 4th anniversary

Great new features to celebrate the #joker 4th anniversary

Now all active solutions include an AC PowerCon Link for more flexible and scalable installations.

Available connectors:
2x XLR (In/Link)
2x AC PowerCon (In/Link)

Key features

Perfect for touring or installations. Joker series compact design and high output make it extremely versatile.

It is perfect forboth rental companies and fixed installations. Theatres, churches, performing arts centers and other locations will find Joker to be an ideal solution

All Joker cabinets feature an extremely high resistance Polyurea coating to protect them from scratches, impact and abrasion during use.

Quality finish and design in every detail.

Compact design with fully customized components.

Optimized steel grid pattern.

Acoustics prediction. better sound installations. Free EASE libraries allows you to visualize the performance of the system prior to installation.

High precission digital signal processing thanks to 24 bit – 48 kHz 102 dB dynamic range AD/DA converters and a high speed DSP with 48–bit internal architechture, the system can get the most of the transducers.

Optimized presets for each sound application: flat, speech, nearfield, xopole, long throw, etc.

Third generation Class D amplification.

Advanced graphic interface with Sensitivetouch™ technology.

More information about the features >

4 years being your best play!

JOKER series is developed utilizing the latest best-in-class electro-acoustic and electronic technologies, custom engineered and optimized by Amate Audio, with over 43 years experience in developing sound reinforcement systems.

With Amate Audio’s JOKER series you are always a winner. They meet the highest demands of touring or fixed installation. Their compact design, high performance specs and exclusive operational features make setup, installation and maintenance simple. Furthermore, robust construction, and high quality materials and finishes make your JOKER a solid partner for #yourbestplay.

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