March 2, 2017

KLAIPEDA Lithuanian capital of culture 2017

MARCH 2, 2017

Klaipeda Lithuanian capital of culture 2017

Klaipeda – Lithuania

Xcellence series systems operating in temperatures of -20º accompanied the inauguration event that kicked off celebrations  marking Klaipeda as Lithuanian capital of the culture for 2017.

The icy temperatures were not a problem for an inaugural event full of mysticism and light, and with a sound system comprising the brand’s flagship  X210 dual 10″ line array system. A high performance system with onboard DSP, 2400W amplification and premium performance components and transducers. The array configuration for this ceremony was an stereo setup with 6x  X210 systems per side.

The captivating event ended with a pyrotechnic show, initiating a program of arts and cultural programs and events in the coastal city, full of charm and personality. All of which will no doubt help ready Klaipeda for its role as European capital of culture in 2022.

Thanks for the information to No Noise, our authorized dealer in Lithuania.

Systems employed:

x210-perspective-amate-audio6+6 X210 line array systems