February 19, 2016

Line Array Technical workshop – ESTAE

February 19th, 2016

Line Array Technical workshop – Institut del Teatre ESTAE

Professionals & students know more about line array fundamentals, theory and practice

Last February 16th Amate Audio in collaboration with Institut del Teatre ESTAE held a technical workshop focused on Line Array solutions. The workshop was held at Teatre Alegria in Terrassa – Barcelona, a multipurpose theatre that serves as a base center for the practice of the different disciplines taught by the Institut del Teatre.

The workshop was directed by Joan Amate, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer and Daniel Bartolomé, Product Application Engineer and was divided in two main parts: theory and practice.

In the first part, Joan Amate introduced company highlights as well as a brief look at Amate Audio’s product catalogue. Daniel Bartolomé explained the key features of line array systems, its acoustic fundamentals and technology incorporated (transducers, waveguide, DSP, etc.)

Second part started with an overview of the products used for practice & demonstration: X210 line array, 6 systems. Lately, simulation and a practical exercise of temporal line array alignment was performed with 3 X218W3K subwoofers and a demonstration of remote control thanks to our DSPStudio® software, available for iPad and PC.
The day ended with a discussion of the most common problems in a line array setup and their possible solutions.

Attendees could also see other solutions brand solutions like the versatile coaxial 14″ systems X14T, the 15″ constant directivity and long coverage system X15T, the 18″ subwoofer X18T, the enormous 21″ subwoofer X21T and the double 18″ X218W3K, 3000 W power. Also there was a Joker series setup of JK46A column array with a JK12WA subwoofer.

Institut del teatre ESTAE is a platform dedicated to a permanent renewal of the performing arts, updating and developing fields such as teaching, creation, research, conservation and promotion of heritage always with an innovative vision. It is based in Barcelona, and offers studies of sound engineering, lighting technology and stage machinery.

Amate Audio would like to thank the interest of the professionals and students who attended to the workshop.