June 23, 2015

Metz Koningsnacht met Latin Lovers – Netherlands

Metz Koningsnacht met Latin Lovers

Rotterdam – Netherlands

Doctor Feelgood Events organized two fantastic parties: Metz Koningsnacht and Latin Lovers, at Rotterdam WTC (World Trade Center)Netherlands.

Two parties at the same place with a stunning line-up: RAE (UK), Hardsoul, Benny Rodrigues, Gregor Salto, Roul and Doors, Stefan Vilijn, Genairo Nvilla , Lucas & Steve, Chris Rox, Jasper Clash, Quincy Mariano & Luciano Genoa, Marlldexx, Browny Patrick MC, vocalist Mavis Acquah and the saxophonist performance of Susanne Alt.

In the main hall, the Metz Koningsnacht party was held. A dazzling light show with special effects with great performances and great sound thanks to systems from Xcellence series.

In the second area of the WTC, the Latin Lovers Party, which recently celebrated its ninth anniversary, was held. A venue specially decorated with tropical, summer and sensual grounds… A well-known party with Dutch artists specialized in Latin House music. MD systems from Master Audio with over 20 years did not disappoint and accompanied each movement and every pace.

Doctor Feelgood Events is a project which offers stunning night events. Stylish, sexy and cosmopolitan parties to make you dance on the beach, in a nightclub or even at the prow of a boat!

Thanks to DOCTOR FEELGOOD EVENTS for the information.

Equipment list:
Metz venue
4+4 X210 line array systems
3+3 X218W subwoofers (X218W3K newer version)
1+1 X215W subwoofers
1+1 X15CE point source systems
2x P15A DJ monitors
2x P15SWA subwoofers

Latin Lovers venue
2+2 MD111 point source systems
3+3 MD218 subwoofers

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Photo credits: Henk van der Giesen

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