June 17, 2017

MUST 15th Anniversary

JUNE 17, 2017

MUST® 15th Anniversary

The Hague – Netherlands

must® – illustrious organisers of exclusive roving party events across The Netherlands – celebrated its 15th anniversary with an entire series of such events, at unique locations across the country. For the most amazing of all, must® returned to the 19th century splendour of The Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in Scheveningen – The Hague! A place of unparalleled beauty, outstanding architecture and incredible interior decoration; and an event that provided attendees with a party to remember. Amate Audio could not miss out on this one.

Musical performances featured a host of amazing artists. The “booth of noise” featured cool grooves, gorgeous vocals and live line-up including Roog, La Fuente, Men & Cherry (sax + percussion + vocals + dj), Jasper Clash, inimitably hosted by MC Roga as never before.

A world-class party deserves a world-class sound. Xcellence flagship X210 line array systems were selected for the main PA – a 6+6 line array configuration, matched with four X215W subwoofers. For additional low-end punch, no less than 10 X218W subs were added. A delay line comprising four X210 line array systems was also deployed. And for stage monitoring, Joker JK12MA systems and Xcellence X12CE systems (from which the new X14T is evolved) over X18WE subwoofers (evolved to X18T).

Can’t wait for must® to announce the location of its next event!

We would like to thank HMF Sound & Light for the information and event’s coverage.

Systems employed:

X210 line array systems

 X215W subwoofers

X218W subwoofers

X12CE_perspective X12CE (X14T) point source systems

JK12MA stage monitors