March 10, 2016

Amate Audio & Intorno labs debut at Mutek [ES] festival

March 10, 2016

Amate Audio & Intorno labs debut at Mutek [ES] festival

Presentation of Experience 1&2, a captivating 30-channel sound system at  Mutek 7th edition

From March 2nd to 5th was held in Barcelona the 7th edition of MUTEK [ES] Festival, an international event focused on digital creativity and electronic music.

INTORNO LABS collaborated with Amate Audio creating a multidimensional experience at Estrella Damm’s old factory in Barcelona.

The Experience 1&2 started with the project presentation by Ludovico Vignaga, INTORNO LABS CEO, in a captivating and mystical venue inside Sala Máquinas at Damm’s Factory. Ludovico explained the project origin and inspiration as well as the need to bring the music experience one step further “Life is three-dimensional, sound should be the same too. ¡We need real and natural sound experiences!”.

Life is three-dimensional, sound should be the same too

Later on there was a chat with Joan AmateAmate Audio Vice President & Technical Director, which emphasized the importance of the relationship between manufacturer, engineer and artist in the development of cutting-edge technologies “this kind of project is an effective path to get a truly engaging experience where customers fall in love with the result”.

Time to live the experience arrives: Ludovico Vignaga showed how the system works thanks to a space-performance iPad controller. This software literally allows you to play with space, the tracks and melodies could be delivered and directed anywhere in the canvas. The combinations and possibilities are endless.

Once the presentation was over, the showcases started. The first artist to perform was the Swedish Adeline, which pushed her magical melodies, vocals and wobbling bass lines into a multi-dimensional journey. Next artist, the master sound sculptor Scott Monteithaka Deadbeat, remodelled his music from his latest release of avant-dub, Walls and Dimensions. Saturday showcase started with the Canadian composer Kara-Lis Coverdale, she presented her immaculate pieces of deep and digital “sacred” music in a new spatial expression. Finally, one of the favorites of the festival, Vaghe Stelle offered sonic reconfigurations of his latest release on Other People.


This experience was created from a 30-channel system developed and optimized for several months in INTORNO’s studio in Barcelonaside by side with Amate Audioengineers. The acoustic solutions chosen for the occasion were 30 JK26A+ point source systems – white edition – and 8 JK15WAsubwoofers, both from multipurpose Joker series.


INTORNO is a technological company based in Barcelona specialized in immersive, 3D sound technologies for live performances and beyond.
The company has developed a ground-breaking Space–Performing–Controller for artists to use in any installation in order to design immersive and captivating musical experiences.


Mutek is an emerging festival that year after year has established itself as a benchmark in technological innovation applied to sound and music. Also, operating as a platform for discovery, this year’s festival offered another dynamic mix of live musical performances from electronic music’s global stars and Spain’s local luminaries, along with even more stunning, multi-sensory audio-visual presentations, installations, and expanded and free educational activities, including workshops and artist talks. Mutek festival is also held in Montreal and Mexico City.

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