June 30, 2015

New Xcellence X208 and X210 brochures

New Xcellence X208 and X210 brochures

Amate Audio introduces two new brochures for its two Xcellence line arrays systems

NEW X210 line array brochure

The epitome of audio perfection!
There is no way to make the X210 any better.
Breakthrough technologies, cutting-edge acoustic design, the highest quality,precision-engineered, customised components and materials.
X210 is the flagship of the Xcellence series and the epitome of audio perfection.
What are you waiting for?…

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NEW X208 line array brochure

Style and performance come together!
Exclusive waveguide design, projects sound with consistency at great distance, allowing you to handle nearly any application.
Amate Audio‘s technology applied to the X208 delivers ease of use an a unique sound quality in a compact size.
Innovation that you can hear!

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