April 19, 2017

Product Authentication

APRIL 19, 2017

Amate Audio Product Authentication

Starting in February 2017 Amate audio began adding a user authentication process on their products

In an effort to provide a higher level of comfort to our customers, Amate Audio has begun to use a new technology called ViSeQR®. This product authentication system will provide you with a unique way to determine if your product is original. Starting in February 2017, Amate Audio began to add a simple ViSeQR® label to each Amate Audio product that has been produced at our factory.

ViSeQR® technology protects Amate Audio from counterfeiting and ensures the traceability of products. The consumer can verify the authenticity of a product directly from any smartphone device; just taking a picture of the smart label to verify it on the free App.

The ViSeQR® smart label integrates a common technology of optical reading (QR) with a procedure developed by ViDiTrust, which establishes a link between the public information present in the QR, and the “private” information that is invisible to the human eye. The smart label that Amate Audio is applying uses a square design that measures approximately 21×21 mm. This smart label is NOT a simple QR code. The coloured frame is not reproducible, and the integration of the label in the graphic print generates specific printed elements that can not be counterfeited.

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