November 30, 2015

Radistai Village – Lithuania

Radistai Village

Grabuosto – Lithuania

Imagine impressive landscapes, camping with friends, entertainment and, above all, good music. Radistai Village, organised by the Lithuanian radio station Radistai (zip fm), had all of that.

The 3-day 2015 Radistai Village festival was held at the beautiful Lithuanian island of Grabuosto, where attendees found everything they needed to spend some amazing days, from camp-sites to tennis courts, to even bars, restaurants, lakes, and pools. All of this, including different leisure activities, coordinated activities and, of course, great performances, turned this festival into one of the most attended and impressive events in Lithuania this summer.

Just like in its seventh anniversary last year, the Xcellence Series line array solutions have, once again, supported another event of the Radistai station. This time, with an impressive portfolio that included performances of renowned local and international artists like: Philip George, Chris Lake, Radistai Djs, Tough Love, Sono, G&G Sindikatas, Justinas Jarutis, etc.

Thanks to No Noise, our authorized distributor in Lithuania for the info.

Equipment list:
Main PA
12+12 X210 line array systems
6+6 X215W subwoofers

Dj monitors
3+3 X210 line array systems

3+3 X210 line array systems

Watch the official aftermovie here >

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