June 5, 2018

Amate Audio Summit 2018

Amate Audio Summit 2018

Members of the worldwide amate audio family y came together in Barcelona this summer to be introduced the new products and new projects, strengthening relationships between the company and its international distributor network

5 de junio de 2018 – BARCELONA —

During May 24 and 25, the Amate Audio 2018 Convention was held in different locations near to and around the company’s HQ facilities in Terrassa – Barcelona. The event was attended by Amate Audio distributors from countries around the world, who came to see and audition, first-hand, the very latest new products and projects scheduled for release later in the year. The two day seminar was organised into different sessions, including technical presentations, product demonstrations and factory tours.

Day one activity focused on Amate Audio’s very latest NÍTID ‘smart’ engineered product line, with Principal Acoustic Engineer Natàlia Milán, opening proceedings, explaining the range’s most relevant features. Vice President and Technical Director Joan Amate continued with an overview of the advanced performance electronics and DSP control capabilities, while Sales Manager Jordi Amate, concluded with a presentation on the wide and varied rental and fixed installation applications of the different models within the range.

During the subsequent product demonstration session, attendees heard the new N12W subwoofer, ‘publically’ auditioned for the first time, along with previews of several models still currently in development; these included the new 3-way system N318.

Attendees were also treated to a demonstration of the revolutionary SA3D immersive sound system, premiered last year during Barcelona’s famous Sonar festival. Interfacing with Eurecat’s SFËAR™ 3D live sound reproduction algorithm, Amate Audio’s SA3D ‘powered’ loudspeaker systems provide a distributed DSP platform with dedicated FIR filter processing, enabling sound sources to be steered seamlessly throughout a hemispherical sound installation, independent of positioning or number of speaker cabinets. The SA3D enabled loudspeaker systems provide a distributed DSP solution, making SFËAR / SA3D installations fully scalable, with each additional speaker cabinet providing both the necessary power and additional DSP to expand the installation.

The demonstration system, mounted on a 5 x 5 x 3.5m structure and utilizing 13 NÍTID N26 / SA3D loudspeaker systems, created great surprise, with its incredible ability to steer sound seamlessly creating a fully immersive audio experience.

Day two was all the more intense, beginning with an introductory by founder and CEO Juan Amate, immediately followed by a presentation of the company’s, soon to be launched, new flagship three-way line array product, the Xcellence X212AF. Natàlia Milan unveiled the new system, amidst great expectation. Joan Amate, presented the brand new DSP technologies applied in this product. In demonstration of a configuration of eight X212AF array elements with the new 5000 watt X218WF subwoofer allowed a full assessment of the system’s performance capabilities; in particular, highlighting the ability to provide uniform, full frequency coverage over long distance, providing an immense sense of power and signal clarity throughout the entire area of coverage. The X212AF system will come to market during September.

A gala dinner in the evening saw the company’s distributors and staff come together to enjoy an exquisite banquet, accompanied by live music, during which “Amate Audio Awards 2018″ were awarded to distributors who attained exceptional technical and commercial levels of achievement in their various market sectors.

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