JK26A plus - Amate Audio

El Refugio Club – Spain

February 15, 2017 |

Located in Cantabria, El Refugio is undoubtedly one of the favourite places to spend the fun nights in northern Spain.Read More

Experience VOL 2

November 27, 2016 |

Once again users, customers and friends feel and hear the experience Amate AudioRead More

Beyond Surround – immersive sound techniques    

November 4, 2016 |

Joan Amate, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, shares at PLASA Show London 2016 Amate Audio experience developing and working with immersive sound techniques.Read More

Le Quai des Allées restaurant – France

September 10, 2016 |

This small restaurant is a magnet for foodies and lovers of great tastes and fine cuisine. Great sound is always thanks to the B8 multipoint systems plus X15LTE and JK26A points source systems provided by Amate Audio.Read More

SA3D @SONAR+D – Spain

September 1, 2016 |

A key component of the SFËAR demonstration was Amate Audio’s specially developed SA3D DSP platform in all 25 of the JK26A+ compact high performance 2-way cabinets that were rigged around and above the demo space.Read More

Concert Kim Yong-Im – South Korea

February 28, 2016 |

At a place as special as the Cultural Arts & Theatre Centre of Geoje, in South Korea, more than a thousand fans gathered to assist to the delightful concert of Korean artist Kim Yong Im.Read More

Mesón Posada Término – España

November 19, 2015 |

Ubicado en la ciudad cántabra de Hoznayo, el Mesón Posada Término ofrece a sus clientes una estancia agradable en un entorno natural privilegiado con elaborada comida regional y soluciones sonoras Amate Audio.Read More