June 10, 2015

Conference hall of Union State Permanent Committee – Russia

Conference hall of Union State Permanent Committee

Moscow – Russia

Union State Permanent Committee is the body that ensures cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The hall is used for international meetings, discussions of joint programs and projects.

The sound from the conference system, video conferencing system, video clip monitoring computers is supplied by Amate Audio two-way passive speakers and subwoofer from Joker and LN series and HD power amplifiers.

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Russia Atanor for the information.

Equipment list:
2x JK26 point source systems
1x JK15W subwoofer
6x LN8 point source systems
1x HD2000 power amplifier
1x HD1200 power amplifier
2x HD800 power amplifiers

amate-audio-committee-Moscow-1 amate-audio-committee-Moscow-2 amate-audio-committee-Moscow-3
amate-audio-committee-Moscow-4 amate-audio-committee-Moscow-5 amate-audio-committee-Moscow-6