December 4, 2015

Van Van Market MACBA 20th anniversary – Spain

Van Van market MACBA 20th anniversary

Barcelona – Spain

Once again, the Joker Series audio solutions were part of the Van Van Market, this time celebrating the 20th anniversary of the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art).

The occasion deserved it: celebrating 20 years of commitment and responsibility in transmitting contemporary art, generating crucial discussions on art and culture, and integrating increasingly diverse audiences. A big party that combined art, music, culture, and cuisine in an emblematic and colourful location, El Raval neighbourhood, in Barcelona. In addition to the famous street-food format, the museum opened all its spaces to the public. There were family workshops and dancing, among other activities, all of these supported by different Joker solutions, such as the JK10A, JK12A, and JK15A.

The building was built in 1995, at the heart of the Raval, in a new building designed by the North American architect Richard Meier. Ever since, the Museum has become a pioneer institution in promoting art and contemporary cultural practices, and its impact has helped positioning Barcelona as the scenario for innovation. Twenty years later, the MACBA is heading Cataluña’s contemporary art system and, at the same time, consolidating Barcelona’s positioning as an international capital city benchmark in this area.

Van Van is a gourmet market formed by a convoy of food trucks, which offer a wide range of quality food. The market merges gastronomic culture with enjoyment of public space, all while offering a popular celebration. The careful selection of cuisine is different for every single event, meaning every experience has its own soul and personality. The market is also a traveling exhibition of vintage vehicles. As the organizers say, “There aren’t two similar Van Van, but the essence is always the same: enjoy quality food in the street. Come, see and eat.”

Equipment list:
JK10A point source systems
JK12A point source systems
JK15A point source systems

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