October 22, 2015

Van Van market Mercè 2015 – Spain

Van Van market Mercè 2015

Barcelona – Spain

Van Van Gourmet Market took place during the celebrations of the Mercè 2015 in Barcelona, merging its gastronomic street-food offerings with cultural and recreational activities. The market displayed its convoy at several locations throughout the city: the Ciutadella Park, the Mansion Albéniz, and the Castillo de Montjuic.

JK15A point source systems from Joker series accompanied the attendees at the Parc de la Ciutadella during one week. Exquisite flavors from around the world with a cool atmosphere and great sound!

Van Van is a gourmet market formed by a convoy of food trucks, which offer a wide range of quality food. The market merges gastronomic culture with enjoyment of public space, all while offering a popular celebration. The careful selection of cuisine is different for every single event, meaning every experience has its own soul and personality. The market is also a traveling exhibition of vintage vehicles. As the organizers say, “There aren’t two similar Van Van, but the essence is always the same: enjoy quality food in the street. Come, see and eat.”

Equipment list:
JK15A point source systems

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