December 17, 2015

Van Van Market @ The Shopping Night Barcelona – Spain

Van Van Market @ The Shopping Night Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona – Spain

To go or not to go? Those who were able to attend the sixth edition of The Shopping Night Barcelona certainly have had a great evening with shopping, theatre, culture, music, food and party.

The Shopping Night Barcelona is a major annual event, aimed at boosting Barcelona’s emblematic Passeig de Gràcia commercial activity, culture, and gastronomy, unleashing enjoyment.

William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers and playwrights in history, was the inspiration for this year’s sixth edition of The Shopping Night Barcelona, on the 400th anniversary of the author’s death. The Shopping Night was divided into different environments based on some of the major works of the English writer, including Hamlet, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Othello and The Bard.

Nothing better than Van Van Market’s convoy of food-trucks featuring Joker Series Amate Audio solutions to accompany this interesting show, located at the corner of Gran Via and Casp. The best variety of street food and good music made a festive atmosphere for the visitors. A complete multisensorial experience!

Equipment list:
JK10A point source systems
JK12A point source systems
JK15A point source systems