November 20, 2015

VTV awards – Vietnam

VTV awards 2015

Hanoi – Vietnam

The second annual VTV Awards came full of surprises and charming performances supported by Amate Audio sound solutions from Xcellence series.

Celebrating 45 years of the establishment of Vietnamese television, this event was the most viewed on Vietnam TV that night. Nobody wanted to miss it, which was presented by famous faces from Vietnam Television including well-known singers, presenters, actresses and actors as attendees.

The winners of VTV Awards 2015 were chosen from an open SMS voting poll for the following categories: best MC, best actor, best actress, best singer, best comedian, best new movies, best entertainment program, best music program…

Fascinating live performances were held during the show with exquisite sound thanks to X210 and X208 line array systems plus X218W3k subwoofers.

Congratulations to all the winners… we can’t wait for the 2016 VTV Awards!

Equipment list:
6+6 X210 line array systems
3+3 X218W3K subwoofers
8+8 X208 line array systems

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