May 3, 2017

Workshop Sound systems adjustment

May 3, 2017

Workshop Calibration techniques and adjustment of audio systems

Professionals and students participate in a workshop conducted by Albert Digón and Amate Audio with the new X12CLA constant curvature array.

On April 24th, Amate Audio hosted the workshop “Calibration techniques and adjustment of audio systems”. The workshop was conducted by Albert Digón, sound technician and sound systems calibration specialist and professor at IES Mare de Déu de la Mercè in Barcelona, in collaboration with Amate Audio’s Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Joan Amate, and Amate Audio Applications Engineers, Paco Rodríguez and Daniel Bartolomé.

The workshop was held at the Number One nightclub in Terrassa, Barcelona, where several Amate Audio sound systems are installed. Having been instructed in the theories of calibration, attendees could witness these being applied, before attempting to carry out adjustments to the various parameters themselves. Among the key topics discussed were: ‘understanding the system and the nature of the installation, and how to manage these’; ‘reproducing the most common problems and how to solve them’; ‘a right path to configure the parameters of a sound system’.

understanding the system and the nature of the installation, and how to manage these

The system used in the workshop was a stereo configuration of Xcellence series as the main PA, with Joker series satellites.

For high and mid frequencies, the X12CLA constant curvature array was used in a configuration of 3 cabinets. For low frequencies the system chosen was the direct radiation X218W3K subwoofer, arranged horizontally as opposed to their more common vertical positioning. To enable experimentation with the  possibilities and configuration of delay lines, JK12A 12” active point source systems were deployed. All of  these systems already being present within the  nightclub’s own permanent sound installation.

For more information regarding sound system calibration, the workshop conductor is also the co-author of the book, ‘Configuración y ajustes de sistemas de Sonido’ (Configuration and adjustments of sound systems), together with Pepe Ferrer, which explains how to apply the basic principles of operation and setup of the most common loudspeaker configurations used in contemporary sound systems; from well-known line array systems to subwoofers. The book includes a preface by the preeminent  sound system design specialist, Bob McCarthy.

Once the workshop finished, some of the attendees visited Amate Audio headquaters, where they were able to know the details and the curiosities by our engineers Natàlia Milan and David Martínez. The factory tour also included various spaces where Amate Audio sound systems are manufactured including the 900 m³ anechoic chamber.

We are very grateful to the workshop participants. We hope to have a new edition soon.



The Xcellence X12CLA is loaded with a 2.5” voice coil and neodymium magnet driver, the assembly is designed and carefully optimized providing a side-lobe free vertical dispersion with crystal clear high frequency response. Also specially developed for the Xcellence X12CLA is the new powerful, light-weight 12” driver which provides exemplary low-distortion, full frequency response down to 58Hz. The X12CLA incorporates cutting-edge, on-board digital electronics include high performance 24-bit /96kHz AD/DA converters and powerful remote controllable 48–bit/96 kHz DSP, optimally matched with third-generation 1.5kW Class D bi-amplification. In array configuration the X12CLA enables 15º, 30º, 45º or 60º vertical directivity, with one two, three or four cabinets respectively. Inter-cabinet connection is set via lateral rigging bars, providing a 15˚ fix angle between cabinets.


Is a combination of two 18-inch woofers with 4.5-inch long excursion voice coil in a highly reinforced cabinet, 3000 W 3rd generation Class D built-in amplifier, controlled by a dedicated DSP.

X12CLA-array-amate-audio3+3 X12CLA array systems

x218w3k-amate-audio-subwoofer-perspective2 X218W3K subwoofers

JK12A-amate-audio1+1 JK12A point source systems

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