September 18, 2017

Xcellence Experience

September 18, 2017

Xcellence Experience 2017


On September 13th last year, a group of sound technicians and engineers were able to experience a complete line up of the Xcellence series premium point-source and compact line array systems, in an outdoor demonstration day held at the Masia restaurant, La Torre del Conill in Castellbisbal, Barcelona. The group not only had the opportunity to hear and carefully audition various powerful system configurations but also the possibility of talking with our product development engineers.

Amate Audio Product Applications Engineer, Paco Rodríguez, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Joan Amate, and Sales Manager, Jordi Amate, led the demonstration, explaining and demonstrating key features of the Xcellence systems. Throughout the day Amate Audio’s team addressed questions and operational queries, both technical and commercial.

During the first half of the day, some of the company’s advanced engineered ‘smart’ sound reinforcement system configurations could be auditioned. The Xcellence X208 2x 8-inch compact line array and X12CLA ultra-compact, constant curvature array were hung and listened to with different matched Xcellence subwoofers: including the massive, powerful double 21-inch, 2500W X21T, the advanced, powerful and maneuverable X218W3K; and the 2500 W, 18-inch compact X18T.

Attendees could hear the remarkable X14T coaxial active speaker system, in both monitor and FOH configuration, incorporating the new 14-inch mid driver, that synthesises the LF performance of a conventional 15-inch driver with the vocal clarity and midrange response of a 12-inch driver. There was also the opportunity to experience the long throw coverage of the compact and lightweight 15-inch X15T, due to its constant directly horn.

Finally, it was time to audition the flagship X210 line array, in a flown eight cabinet configuration. This stand out line array system boasts a clutch of breakthrough technologies, cutting-edge acoustic design, precision engineering and the highest quality, custom designed components, and durable, wear resistant materials. For low frequencies the X210s were matched with four X218W3K subwoofers. Combining two 18-inch drivers with 4.5-inch long excursion voice coil, in a highly reinforced cabinet, with 3000 W amplification and DSP control, in a highly ergonomic design, makes the X218W3K one of the most advanced, powerful and maneuverable subwoofers on the market.

See you guys on the stage 😉

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