June 8, 2015

YAN Beatfest – Vietnam

YAN Beatfest 2015

Phu My Hung – Vietnam

On May 9th was held Yan Beatfest Festival was held Phu Tho Stadium in Ho Chi Minh organized by the Vietnamese TV channel Yan TV.

Systems from the Xcellence series were used in a massive setup with 76 line arrays systems X208 and X210 for this festival, which was one of the country’s largest outdoor music events ever with over 50,000 attendees.

Our product applications engineer Daniel Bartolomé was supporting our official distributor in Vietnam Media Equipment Join Stock Co. during all the installation and system setup, in order to achieve the best sound coverage and make this event just sound eXcellent.

Yan Beatfest was a 12 hour non-stop festival with numerous outstanding musical performances by 80 well-known Vietnamese and international artists and Demi Lovato headlining the festival.

Demi Lovato showed her strong and vibrant voice singing her latest and greatest hits, including the famous “Let it go” from the Disney film Frozen.

In addition to the musical performances, the attendees enjoyed with numerous sports and water games, and had a lot of fun with entertainment activities.

This second edition of Yan BeatFest was a great success.
It was certainly a great technical challenge where Xcellence series systems worked impeccably.
We look forward for the next edition with Amate Audio systems next year!

Thank to Showtech Vietnam and our official distributor in Vietnam MEDIA EQUIPMENT JOIN STOCK Co. for the great coverage of the event!

Equipment list:
16+16 X210 line array systems
8+8 X218W3K subwoofers

10+10 X210 line array systems

10+10 X210 line array systems
4+4 X218W3K subwoofers

8+8 X208 line array systems
2+2 X218W3K subwoofers

4+4 X208 line array systems
1+1 X218W3K subwoofers

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