At Amate Electroacústica we have always been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering the use of numerous new technologies in professional sound.

Throughout that time many of our ground breaking designs and engineering firsts

– some of them deemed crazy at the time – have gone on to become industry standards.

Now, with more than 40 years of experience, Amate Electroacústica and its Master Audio trading brand, continues that evolutionary journey as Amate Audio; reaffirming a commitment to our heritage and to be recognised in the future by the name of our founder.

Our passionate commitment to audiophile sound and uncompromising engineering design, ensures it will be a future full of new possibilities, new ideas and yet to be imagined solutions to ever greater challenges, in pursuit of our vision of perfect sound in any application.

A future we want to share with you.

Amate Audio, great sound from Barcelona since 1972!


The company
was founded by

Juan Amate

in Terrassa – Barcelona






now we are